• Eddie Wolfl describes himself as being the black sheep of his family. "I remember my mother was not happy about that, her son being an artist."
  • Eddie reveals. He grew up in a little town outside of Munich with its picturesque woods and farms surrounded by the vast presence of the Alps. He took pleasure in skiing and hockey, oblivious to the fact that the passion he would later discover, would take him to visit exotic places and develop relationships with some of the most recognizable faces in the world raised in and around Munich. At 18, while attending photography school, Eddie met a German photographer by the name of Yan Ketman. He took Eddie to several shoots and he was "hooked", although it wasn't until he became familiar with Helmut Newton's work, that Eddie started to become really serious about becoming a photographer.
  • It all started in the 80's when Eddie moved to Los Angeles. He began working as a photo editor, working for various record companies, photographing musicians from Ted Nugent, to Alice Cooper, Billy Idol and Rod Stewart just to name a few. This eventually led to an opportunity to meet Richard Franklin of A&M records and set -in motion the introduction to his first major client, Janet Jackson, as well as his first mayor world tour, "Rhythm Nation." Eddie voyaged with Janet and her entourage all over the globe, from Japan to Malaysia, Australia to New Zealand, Africa to Europe, throughout USA and Canada, Jamaica to Hawaii. Eddie also trekked with Sade, Sting, Bobby Brown, Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder on their tours. The travels around the world influenced Eddie to see that people are the same everywhere, and the different flavors and cultures of the people is what makes traveling exciting, it gave Eddie a worldview he couldn't otherwise have.
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